Service and Feature

Service and Feature

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Application Support

The detail of our Application Support is listed below.

We can support with all of the following Type of Application

Type of Application
  1. Application for Issuance of a Certificate of Eligibility : For those who wish to enter Japan to live or to invite a foreigner from abroad to Japan.
  2. Application for Change of Status of Residence : For those who need to change the status of residence in case your activities in Japan have changed.
  3. Application for Extension of Period of Stay : For those who need to extend the period of stay when the period of stay is about to expire.
  4. Application for Permission for Permanent Residence : For those who wish to live in Japan for the rest of their lives as a Permanent Resident.
  5. Application for Naturalization : For those who wish to leave one’s current nationality and become a Japanese citizen.
  • Other Applications : e.g.) Application for issuance of a Certificate of Authorized Employment

We can support with all of the following Resident Status

Resident Status (Status of Residence)

Simply select Type of Application and Resident Status, and our free Check-Up service is available.

Please feel free to contact us
if you are not sure which Type of Application and Resident Status to select.

Comparison with other companies

We have compared our services with those of a typical A company. We hope you will find it useful.

If you request us to apply

If you request Firm A to apply
Guide of Required DocumentsIn addition to the required documents, we will individually guide you with the documents to be submitted for free.Due to cost, they cannot provide individual guidance on documents to be submitted before contracting.
Consulting on All Aspects of ApplicationUnlimited access to expert consultation services for the duration of the contract.There is a limit to the number of consultations.
Collection of Necessary DocumentsWe can obtain the documents on your behalf. The additional fee is still 15,000yen even if all documents collection option is added.The fee for their Full Support Plan, which includes collecting documents on your behalf, is approximately 40,000yen to 50,000yen higher than their normal plan.
Preparation of Application DocumentsYou don’t have to worry about how to write or what to write because our experts will prepare it for you.Included in their service.
Statement of Reasons
(Explanation Letter for Visa Application)
Our experts arrange the statement that will maximize your chances of obtaining a permit.A lot of effort is devoted here, but the statement prepared by inexperienced staff is sometimes inadequate.
Checking and preparation of various contracts.Our experts will confirm this.Most of the checking work is done by part-timers.
Japanese translation of documents from home country.Our translation service is available at 3,300 yen per A4 size sheet.Translation fees can be quite high due to outsourcing.
Submitting the application to Immigration Services Bureau.As soon as the documents are ready, the application will be processed smoothly.Included in their service.
Accompanying the applicant to the Legal Affairs Bureau.
(only for naturalization)
Staff will accompany you, so you will feel at ease.Often, staff will not accompany you unless you pay an extra fee.
Dealing with the requests for explanation and submission of additional materials by Immigration Services Agency of Japan.Our experts will handle this important aspect that can make the difference between a permit or a denial.A mistake in explanation may result in disapproval.
Checking the progress of the examination.Check as needed.Follow-up service is inadequate.
Receipt of Result NotificationThe notification will be sent to our office.The notification will be sent to our office.
Receipt of Residence Card.You can also ask us to pick up your card.Receipt of residence card is not supported
※This service will be available after you use our free Check-Up service.
You can access the link below to see another comparison table.

We will continue to support your life in Japan.

Applying for a visa does not end with approval.
As long as you continue to live in Japan, there will be many difficulties.

We promise to provide continuous support to our clients even after obtaining permission.

Please let us help you make your life in Japan richer and more enjoyable.

~Specifically, we offer these kind of support.~

  • Information on the next visa application.
  • Care for your problems in your daily life in Japan
  • Regular status checks and legal advice.
  • Consultation on application to government offices.
  • Invitation to our international community.
  • and more..