Free Check-Up service

Free Check-Up service

Please select Type of Application and Desired Resident Status you are applying for and proceed to the Free Check-Up service page.

FAQ about Free Check-Up service

What is the free Check-Up service?

Free Check-Up service allows you to pre-diagnose if your visa application will be approved.
This highly accurate service is the first in the industry.

Please click the link below to learn more about the service.

What are thType of Application?

Please see the list below, and select the one that applies to your situation from the 5 types.

Type of Application
  1. Application for Issuance of a Certificate of Eligibility : For those who wish to enter Japan to live or to invite a foreigner from abroad to Japan.
  2. Application for Change of Status of Residence : For those who need to change the status of residence in case your activities in Japan have changed.
  3. Application for Extension of Period of Stay : For those who need to extend the period of stay when the period of stay is about to expire.
  4. Application for Permission for Permanent Residence : For those who wish to live in Japan for the rest of their lives as a Permanent Resident.
  5. Application for Naturalization : For those who wish to leave one’s current nationality and become a Japanese citizen.
  • Other Applications : e.g.) Application for issuance of a Certificate of Authorized Employment
What is Desired Resident Status?

Please see the table below, and select the one that is relevant to your activities in Japan from the following list.

Resident Status(Status of Residence)

Please feel free to contact us
if you are not sure which Type of Application and Resident Status to select.